Human personality consists of the physical body and of emotions and thoughts. If these three parts are in harmony, we are not subject to stress, illnesses and we are not dealing with any serious problems. I can help you achieve harmony by energizing all three parts of your personality and by removing energy blockages.

What to expect?

  • calming down of emotions and thoughts
  • relaxing muscle tonus (e.g. neck and lumbar muscles)
  • easing up to removing fatique and exhaustion
  • creating peace and harmony in the whole personality
  • searching for a cause for your current condition, working on removing the cause

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It is mainly ourselves who are responsible for most of the problems encountered in our lives. Generology® is an original method which can help us find the way to resolve problems and possibly to avoid them. A generology analysis can help create a life you have always wished to live.

The author of generology® is Věra Slavíková who has registered two trade marks since 2001: i) for the content of generology® as such, ii) for words “generology” and “generology triangle®”.

What to expect?

  • better and easier orientation in your life
  • comprehensive generology personality analysis
  • analysis and resolution of a specific problems
  • analysis and resolution of working relations
  • analysis and resolution of family relations
  • help with staff recruitment

What questions can be answered?

  • what can you expect in individual phases of your life?
  • what are your strengths?
  • which profession is most suitable for you?
  • which partner (at work or in your private life) would suit you best?
  • what illnesses are you predisposed to?

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Handwriting is an expression of our personality, it reflects its conscious and unconscious aspects, as well as a condition in which it is made. Graphology is a psychodiagnostic method which can help us discover a psychological substance of our personality and its current condition. A graphology analysis can help your personality develop and mature.

What to expect?

  • comprehensive graphology analysis
  • partner graphology analysis
  • graphology analysis for the HR purposes
  • help with staff recruitment
  • analysis and resolution of working relations
  • analysis and resolution of family relations

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Courses focus on personality harmonisation and development of an individual or a corporate team. The content, duration and price are adjusted to the current needs of the client.

Types of Courses

  • relaxation of the whole organism / relaxation of muscle tonus

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