Human personality consists of a physical body and of emotions and thoughts. Although we ascribe expression of emotions and thoughts to the physical body, they exist in the form of energy shells around our physical body. The first shell is composed of energy of emotions (emotional body), the second shell of energy of thoughts (mental body). See illustration No. 1

Each personality is supplied with energy. Energy flows through our personality from the surrounding environment vertically from the head to feet and back, and horizontally through chakras. There are seven chakras throughout the human body (five on the body as such and two on the head). These are the points were energy pathways cross and where our energy bodies connect. Each chakra corresponds to an endocrine gland, an organ, a system as well as emotions or thoughts.

What is the cause of health problems?

Most of our health problems are caused by our emotions and/or thoughts. If, for example, some emotions weigh heavy on us, the energy flow in the emotional body worsens leading up to an energy blockage. This blockage pushes on the one hand on the physical body, on the other on the mental body. If we do not resolve the problem and do not remove it on time, it could affect the physical body and result in health problems; its impact on the mental body could manifest as unpleasant thoughts. If we identify the cause on time, we can overcome this condition by energizing our emotional body. If health problems have already occurred, we can alleviate them or remove them by energizing all three parts of the personality (we are removing not only the effect, but also the cause).
In order to avoid health problems, we can use among others also generology® which gives us early warning about some problems to which we incline and about what to avoid.

Content prepared according to the lecture notes „Poznávání sama sebe a svých možností“, V. Slavíková, 1995

Separate session

What to expect?

  • Identification of the energy condition of your chakras
  • Identification of the cause of your condition
  • Supplementing energy deficiencies
  • Removing energy surpluses and blockages
  • Relaxation of muscle tonus, if need be, back massage
  • Check – measuring energy condition of chakras after adding energy
  • Result – creating peace and harmony in the whole personality, calming down emotions and thoughts

Session price:

  • 1 session (1 hour) - CZK 630,-
  • 5 sessions (5 hours) - CZK 3,000,-
  • 10 sessions (10 hours) - CZK 5,500,-

I only work with the surrounding energy and sensitiveness of my palms. You can talk about your personality during the session or you can remain silent throughout the whole session and just relax. Discussion is not needed for performing diagnostics and adding of energy.

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