Graphology is based on the precondition that writing is a movement of expression and a symbolic action. Each movement can be influenced by will to a certain extent, however, it cannot be fully controlled. Writing expresses our thought and emotional activities, i.e. our personality. It can be evidenced for example by the fact that writing with a right or left hand or even with a foot or a stump of the same person has the same characteristic features.

Graphology is a psychodiagnostic method working with an individual’s handwriting. Handwriting was interpreted already in the 16th century by Italian physicians and in the 17th century by German philosophers. However, the fundamentals of a systemic handwriting analysis were laid down by French clergyman Jean Hippolit Michon in 1875 who also coined the name of graphology. Another important work contributing to the development of graphology was written by German Professor of Physiology Wilhelm Preyer in 1895.

What answers can you get thanks to graphology?

A graphology analysis can identify psychological characteristics of a person such as vitality, temperament, emotionality/rationality, will and self-concept. Handwriting as a means of communication can be used well for identification of social characteristics of a person such as dominance/submissiveness, extroversion/introversion, friendliness/unfriendliness, etc.
If we have a sample of current handwriting available we can assess the current personality condition. If we have more handwriting samples available from various periods of the person’s life (handwriting changes in accordance with changes/development of the personality), we can (similarly to generology® based on a birth date) identify the personality’s development in the given period. Graphology can also help clarify partner relations (both at work and in the family); when we have available handwriting samples of a child and its parents we can analyse their relations, parents’ influence on a child, etc. (similarly to generology® based on the child’s and parents’ dates of birth). The same can be done with handwriting of our colleagues, spouses, etc. Graphology is a very suitable method for staff recruitment, too.

Comprehensive graphology analysis

What to expect?

  • Handwriting analysis
  • Personality characteristics – identification of the personality structures, their interrelations and concurrence

Analysis price:

  • CZK 3,000,-

Partner graphology analysis

What to expect?

  • Analyses of both handwritings

Analysis price:

  • CZK 7,000,-

Graphology analysis for the HR purposes

What to expect?

  • A handwriting analysis focuses on features identifying whether the person is a suitable candidate for a given job or not.

Analysis price:

  • CZK 3,000,-

The results of an analysis will be presented to you in a separate session, the session price is included.
The analysis can be also made in writing and sent to you by mail (C.O.D.). The price is CZK 3,600,- in this case (CZK 8,200,- for partner graphology analysis), the separate session price is not included.

What is needed for a graphology analysis?

  • Basic data: sex, age, education (or current profession), left-handedness/right-handedness
  • Text: an original sample of current handwriting, at least one page on plain A4 paper (you can also append other notes or texts, also from the past)
  • Drawings: a non-coniferous tree, a male and female figure
  • Consent with a graphology analysis

The data are processed in compliance with Personal Data Protection Act No. 101/2000 Coll. after obtaining your consent.

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