Generology® is based on two preconditions: i) our personality is composed of three parts – a physical body, emotions, and thoughts, ii) our personality is constantly evolving and changing.

Generology® works with our date of birth and with dates of birth of our parents. Numbers are entered into a generology triangle where each leg represents one of three parts of our personality. When compared to other numerology methods working with a single date of birth only (numbers are entered into a table), this method is more comprehensive taking into account also influence of our parents which is so important for our development.

Generology® is an original method developed by Věra Slavíková. It has been registered as a trade mark since 2001. The trade mark covers books, printed materials, organisation of workshops, lectures, seminars, and analysis. Generologie analysis may be conducted after acquiring a licence which must be renewed annually.

Content prepared according to the books:
„Generologie® aneb jak si připravit osud podle svých představ“, V. Slavíková, 1997
„Generologie® Jak ovlivnit vlastní osud“, V. Slavíková, 2001

What answers can you get thanks to generology?

A generology analysis can establish comprehensive characteristics of our personality, such as i) confidence/insecurity, ii) emotionality/rationality, iii) whether work, family or leisure time is more important for us, iv) for which profession we have suitable talents, etc. A generology® analysis can also identify to which health problems we incline and what our life offers to us in its individual phases. Thanks to the comprehensive approach it can help us get to know ourselves better, understand patterns and relations of our actions and better prepare for future decisions. We can make a choice at any point of our life! Our past decisions create our present and future. Our current condition (that is the position we have chosen) can be best interpreted by graphology, if we have available current handwriting.
When we have generology triangles of partners (at work or in private lives), we can explain their relationships and how they influence and complement each other. Generology® is also a suitable method for staff recruitment.

Separate session

What to expect?

  • Elaboration of a generology triangle®
  • Resolution of specific problems

Session price:

  • 1 session (1 hour) - CZK 630,-
  • 5 sessions (5 hours) - CZK 3,000,-
  • 10 sessions (10 hours) - CZK 5,500,-

Comprehensive generology analysis

What to expect?

  • Elaboration of a generology triangle®
  • Comprehensive (generology®) characteristics of your personality
  • Identification of health problems to which you are predisposed
  • Identification of what to expect in individual phases of your life

Analysis price:

  • CZK 3,000,-

The results of an analysis will be presented to you in a separate session, the session price is included.
The analysis can also be made in writing and sent to you by mail (C.O.D.), the price is CZK 3600,- in this case, the separate session price is not included.

What is needed to perform a generology analysis?

  • Your date of birth
  • Dates of birth of your parents
  • Your consent with the generology analysis
  • Consent of your parents with provision of their dates of birth

The data are processed in compliance with Personal Data Protection Act No. 101/2000 Coll. after obtaining your consent and consents of your parents.

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